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Why are we motivated to talk to strangers?


Why do we want to communicate with strangers?

It's simple. Chatting with strangers is more fun than frustrating and even improves brain function.

Talking to someone you don't know can be easy for some and difficult for others. The main thing is not to delay the beginning of the conversation, because while you are gathering courage, someone else may take your place. So take a deep breath, come up with an opening phrase, and start a conversation! It's not all that difficult.

It improves the emotional state.

We look away on public transport. At parties and meetings, we prefer to communicate with several people whom we know well, without risking talking to someone new. Hearing "Good morning!" From a neighbor, we will shudder and think that he needs something from us.

Conversations with strangers seem awkward and painful to us. Trying to strike up such a conversation, we are afraid that we will be rejected, or it seems to us that we have nothing in common with this person. We convince ourselves in advance that neither we nor him will be interested in such a conversation.

It's good for the brain

Another study found that even a brief interaction with someone increases the executive function of the brain. They are mental processes that allow us to concentrate, plan, prioritize, and organize.

The participants in the experiment were divided into three groups. Some of them got to know each other and had a friendly conversation for 10 minutes. Others were asked to argue, and still others did not communicate with each other at all. Then, all participants underwent cognitive tests that involve the executive functions of the brain. The first group showed the best results.

Every day we have a lot of opportunities to communicate with strangers: on the transport on the way to work, at lunchtime, at meetings and parties. Try to make it a habit. To start a conversation, just smile and look the person in the eye. The main thing is to sincerely try to establish contact.

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