Our service

The Hablario app is a groundbreaking new blogging platform for single people over 30 who are not currently looking for a relationship to marry. Hablario is a club for people with traditional values. Hablario is an opportunity to talk frankly about life with a complete stranger. Hablario is a virtual revelation about things that are difficult to tell to a loved one, a psychologist or a priest.

There is an opinion that “telling it as it is” (as it really is) is a natural need for any person.

  • What can we talk about? Topics of conversation:
  • About relationship with mom (relationship with parents).
  • About my health (how I feel).
  • About how things are actually going in business (how things are going).
  • About personal oddities (revelations).

Members of the internet platform Hablario have active listening skills. The app offers mindful relaxation: pouring out your soul to a stranger.