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Is talking with strangers normal?


Is talking with strangers normal? Although most people who talk to strangers are just being friendly, some of them are actually addicted to the Internet, chatting, and other online activities. In modern times, it can be perfectly normal to talk to random people online, but it can also be problematic. So, it's normal, but be careful.

You must always adhere to safety rules. Do not disclose your personal information, credit cards, etc. And don't be too naive.

Addiction can also be a problem if you spend too much time talking.

The first large-scale studies on Internet addiction were conducted in 1996 by psychologist Kimberly Young, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Young identified five forms of Internet addiction, one of which is cyber-communication addiction, that is, addiction to social networks, chat rooms and multiplayer games. A person suffering from cyber-communication addiction prefers virtual communication to real “live” communication.

Science and new technologies have opened up tremendous opportunities for man, which until recently he could only dream of. At the same time, the availability of information, communication at a distance, has not only positive, but also negative aspects.

It's about social media addiction. Don't part with your phone so you don't miss an important message? Do you spend hours in the news feed? You can be safely called an Internet addict.

There is evidence that on average 5 years and 4 months of life are spent on social networks, while we spend 3 years and 5 months on food. Social media addiction often negatively affects mood, lowers self-esteem, etc.

Addiction is defined as the state of dependence on a particular activity or substance. For example, internet addiction is excessive internet use that interferes with your daily life. Of course, just talking to people online from time to time doesn't mean you're addicted. As long as it does not cause problems in your daily life, interacting with people online is completely natural and can sometimes have a therapeutic effect, because for some people, talking to a stranger is more comfortable than talking to family or friends.

Why should we talk to strangers?

When you have a problem or are embarrassed about something, talking about it to people you don't know and can't see can be more comfortable than talking to someone face-to-face. Plus, you may find it easier to speak openly with people you don't know because they are impartial. In fact, it is indeed recommended by some mental health professionals because talking to someone online about serious matters is much preferable to many people than talking to someone in person. With strangers, you may not have to worry about being judged or ashamed because you are anonymous so no one knows who you are. The fact that they can't see you can make you more comfortable when discussing difficult topics.

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