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How to start a serious conversation with your boyfriend over text


Girls should choose topics for conversation in accordance with age, interests, hobbies, and the sphere of activity of the communication partner. You can talk with a guy not only in personal meetings, but also using social networks and SMS. Live communication is replaced by virtual communication for several reasons: being busy at work, living in different cities, supporting each other at a distance.

It is necessary to choose the right topics for conversation with the interlocutor, learn to maintain a conversation and observe etiquette. In accordance with the communication option: in social networks, SMS, by phone, by correspondence, the topics presented below can be selected.

A common way young people communicate is through social media. A conversation at a distance allows you to internally liberate yourself, show yourself from your best side, reveal your inner potential.

The phrase "We need to talk" is so multifaceted and unpredictable that it scares both sides of the dialogue. Even if you are the organizer, the reaction of your partner can be different and lead you anywhere after him.

End the conversation on a positive note:

1. Let your partner know that by this conversation you are trying to make your relationship better and more stable. That you are interested in resolving the conflict, developing and continuing the relationship. That this relationship means a lot to you. That you are in the mood for positive communication.

2. Difficult conversation will become much easier if you tune in to it correctly.

3. Think about what benefits you will get if you do decide to talk. You will solve the problem. Your relationship will grow stronger. You will be able to move forward.

4. Treat a difficult dialogue not as a problem, but as a solution to it, since it has already arisen. Without starting a conversation in this way, you will not be able to settle the quarrel, take off a heavy burden from yourself, destroy the wall of misunderstanding and become completely happy.

5. Take such serious conversations with your loved one as a practice to resolve conflicts. Couples who never quarrel can break up at the first serious spat. Why? Yes, they simply do not have the skills to peacefully resolve complex and controversial issues. And in communication, these skills are very necessary. You just need to argue and prove your point of view correctly, calmly and do not forget to listen to the interlocutor. As you learn to resolve conflicts, you will become even closer to each other and to living happily together.

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