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How to start a deep conversation over text


There is no particular difference in having a heart-to-heart conversation, just start it and let the person express their emotions. Be not only a storyteller, but also an active listener. Ask questions to get the person to open their soul.

Ask questions. Ask about childhood, studies, interests and hobbies, dreams and plans, place of birth, Who are his/her parents? How was your childhood? What are the most vivid memories of childhood and school years? What may have been upsetting? What are your hobbies? What is your dream? What would you like to achieve in life?

About yourself. Although men, as a rule, do not really like to talk about themselves, it is important for a girl to get at least some initial information about a person, which will help her open up and start to trust him. A man can and should reassure a girl by telling about himself the minimum set: where he was born, grew up, who are the parents, brothers and sisters, where he studied and what profession he chose. A good sign for a girl if a man shares his hobbies, for example, an addiction to football, or admits some weaknesses: “I love candy!”. This just creates an atmosphere of intimacy.

"I can't stand this!" No less interesting information can be gleaned about each other by discussing what is disliked, hateful, and causes negative feelings: disliked food, disliked movies, unpleasant music, poor service in a store or restaurant, “bad people”. What a person does not like reveals his true values, beliefs much more accurately than what he likes. In addition, showing his dislike for something, a person often reveals his weak, vulnerable sides, thereby transmitting sincerity and trust to the interlocutor.

Fashion, clothing, shopping. It would seem that it is a purely "female" topic, but if a man shows the girl his knowledge of it, or even gives a couple of valuable advice about shopping, thereby he will be able to bring the girl to frankness and learn a little more about her. The girl, in turn, will begin to trust the man even more and appreciate him.

Travel, vacation. Memories of places that a man or a girl has already visited, or stories about upcoming plans can be the beginning of a good, warm conversation, to which the girl will also join with pleasure. For the female, impressions and emotions are very important, so they remember to the smallest detail what the pebbles were on the seashore, what color were the curtains in the room and what the waiters were wearing in the restaurant where she dined during the last vacation. A man can ask a girl a couple of leading questions about what she remembered the most, what caused the most pleasant emotions, and the conversation for the next evening is guaranteed to him.

Mood. A man can note that today a girl looks very cheerful or, conversely, sad, and ask her about the reason for such a mood. Ordinary mindfulness can lead to deep, soulful conversation. And, starting with some small reason, in the process of communication, a girl can open very old and intimate experiences.

A good topic for a sincere conversation is a topic that will bring pleasure and help to open up to each interlocutor. If a topic seems boring or banal to a man, this does not mean that a girl applies to it in the same way.

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