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How to start a conversation with your girlfriend


Sometimes you can't find a reason to start a conversation with your girlfriend. There are a number of simple rules that can help you communicate in a useful and engaging way. Show genuine interest. Choose a moment when no one will distract you from the conversation. Ask questions that require a detailed answer. Share similar experiences, use follow-up questions, and use correct body language. Start conversations on everyday topics that will raise more serious issues. Take an interest in dreams and plans for the future, discuss your relationship. Don't shy away from tricky topics, and when you're having a tough conversation, express your feelings calmly, honestly, and clearly.

Choose a convenient time to talk. Try to make time for conversation every day. In phone and face-to-face conversations, give your full attention only to each other.

Ask open-ended questions about daily activities. Do not use language that suggests a monosyllabic answer. Ask about her day, showing interest in various details. Ask questions like: “What did you do after work today? How did the presentation go? What unusual things happened to you today? ”. An interest in even the smallest details can lay the foundation for a close relationship.

Try not to look insincere and annoying. Show genuine interest and don't ask about what you already know. Also, be careful not to sound intrusive with detailed questions. Don't ask paranoid and learned questions.

Share personal details. Remember to talk about yourself to balance your conversation. No need to abruptly transfer the topic of the conversation to yourself. Imagine that similar situations happened to you. Shared experiences and common ground are great ways to bond and have meaningful conversations.

Take an interest in the girl's dreams and plans. Ask your girlfriend about her plans for the future so that you can better feel the long-term nature of your relationship. In the early stages, this information will help you get to know the girl better. After a while, plans for the future of each of you will show how compatible you are.

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