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How to start a conversation with your crush on instagram


You just found out that a girl you know always posts interesting content on Instagram. Therefore, you would like to start a personal conversation with her to talk about your common interests, but you do not know how to do it? Then follow simple advice that will help you start a conversation with a lady you like on Instagram.

Be involved and be inspired by the content she posts. If you are not familiar with the girl you want to chat with, be sure to break the ice by interacting with the content she posts: like and comment on her posts and her stories; This way, you will also have the opportunity to understand what interests you the most and you will also be able to get some ideas about the topics of conversation.

Be nice and polite: kindness and education come first, so if you write to a girl and she is slowly responding, do not insist and leave her patiently. Assertiveness, aggressiveness, or obsession never leads to anything positive.

Pay attention to the way of writing. - There is no character limit in Instagram chat, so try to avoid abbreviations and languages ​​in SMS not only for aesthetic speech, but also to avoid any misunderstandings. Also, try to be careful with spelling and avoid grammatical mistakes; Otherwise, you will not be able to make a good impression, especially in relation to someone with whom you do not have a long-term relationship.

Be original and don't use clichés - In order for a social media discussion to last for a long time, you must try to be original and find an innovative approach to the conversation. Therefore, try to ask smart and original questions to pique the curiosity of the girl you are chatting with.

Don't forget to take care of your personal profile. It must look flawless. Beautiful photos, cool clothes, versatile photos, videos and stories.

Do not be lazy to arrange several photo sessions (but do not upload all the pictures at once!). Even a whole photo shoot can be done for only one successful photo. It is advisable that your clothes are different every time, and post only high quality photos!

Do not hesitate to ask your friends' opinion before posting, and preferably from girls. Your chances of having a successful conversation with a girl you like on Instagram triples.

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