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How to start a conversation with your crush


It is enough for someone to come up and say the first compliment that comes to mind, while someone will watch the girl for several days before they figure out how to start the correct dialogue with a woman in order to get acquainted. If you don't know where to start communicating with the woman you like - this article is for you.

Why is it important to start a conversation right? The first impression is impossible to make twice - and the acquaintance cannot be replayed. We form the primary opinion about a person in 15 seconds of interaction. Of course, there are situations when the first impression is deceiving, but you need to at least deserve a chance to prove it, if your acquaintance turns out to be crap.

The way you look, how and what you say is the main thing that a girl remembers about you at the very early stage of acquaintance. For the first time, it is this image of yours that will be fixed in her consciousness. And if this image is not good enough, you will not get a chance to continue your acquaintance.

This is the importance of an original, literate and catchy first phrase. If it does not provide half of the success, then it entirely depends on her whether there will be an opportunity to show yourself from your best side. Try to make a good impression on the girl right away - and it will be much easier to communicate in the future.

Be ready. If you want to make a good impression on a girl, at the very least you need to control your behavior and maintain good hygiene.

Come up with your approach. Whenever there is a good opportunity to talk to a girl you like for at least a minute, even if there are other people around, come and do it. Or even online, don’t waste your time. You won't lose anything from this!

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