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How to start a conversation with a stranger girl over text


Sympathy is an unpredictable thing. A young man can just have fun with friends in a club and suddenly see her - the woman of his dreams.

This can happen at any time, anywhere. Therefore, the question is always very relevant: how to start a conversation with an unfamiliar girl?

When communicating with an unfamiliar girl, do not be embarrassed. It doesn't matter that you look a little like a tanned macho, boldly playing with the muscles of the torso. In order to start communicating with an unfamiliar girl, you must first of all have the following qualities:

quick wits;

originality of thoughts;


control over emotions;

developed fantasy;

rich imagination;



carefully considering the consequences of their words.

Topics for conversation should be chosen according to the situation. After all, women love with their ears: one interested glance is not enough to attract their attention.

Most of the girls will definitely answer the greeting: at least out of the usual politeness. This automatic reaction is usually enough to initiate further conversation.

No gimmicks or witty demonstrations are required when greeting. You can use simple phrases like “Hello” to start a conversation with the girl you like.

To continue the conversation, you can ask a question that suggests a detailed answer. In this case, there will be no agonizing pause after the first phrase.

It is undesirable to ask questions that can be answered with the standard "No", "Of course." But too complex an approach can only ruin everything.

Philosophical questions like: "How do you feel about modern politicians?" in such a situation are inappropriate. To the girl, they may seem like a cunning mockery.

Insecure and shy young people may be looking for a significant other on the Internet. This is a great way out for:

young people who wear old-fashioned glasses;

slightly stuttering guys;

young men who are far from being in the best physical shape. Therefore, if you have difficulty pushing up from the floor, do not worry. When meeting on social networks, this is completely irrelevant.

In order to find a potential life partner on the Internet, you need:

diverse range of interests;

high IQ level.

pre-filling the profile;

establishing a real photo;

writing complete information about your interests;

"Outlining" the situation on the personal front: a hint of an active search for a soul mate.

The ideal option is to join the VKontakte group, in which the subject of your sympathy is.

You can ask her to choose a gift for her sister if it follows from the profile that the girl is well versed in:




The first communication should be:

literate. Before sending a message, it is better to skim through the text with your eyes - this will allow you to see annoying typos;

extremely compressed. You should not send a long message full of abstruse phrases to a stranger;

unusual. You can write to the girl that you have many common interests, which are worth talking about in more detail.

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