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How to start a conversation with a stranger through text


More and more people are finding their friends, partners and spouses on the Internet. The problem is that with this method of communication, everyone involved feels a little uncomfortable. Be interested, but not assertive relax and try to just be yourself.

Don't think too much about it. If you are trying to get to know someone, then the goal of the first few online conversations will be to present yourself as a person. In the story about yourself, do not forget to mention all the important events from your life up to the present moment.

Making an impression on someone through online conversation will be a daunting task for almost all of us. But you are not the first or the last. In the worst case, you will get life experience, and in the best case, you will find a person with whom you can communicate heart to heart. However, you will have to try to get any of these results.

Choose a convenient time. Try to write to the person when they are online. It is easier to communicate over the Internet when it happens in real time, rather than constantly waiting for a response message.

Pick a time when you are in no rush. So communication will not be limited by the time frame, and he will have the opportunity to develop freely.

Start with a small step. Send the person a message asking what they are doing at the moment. "Hi, what are you doing?" is fine. Once the conversation starts, you will feel more at ease, because there is no turning back!

Most likely, the person will write about what he or she is doing at the moment and will ask you a similar question. Be prepared to provide an answer.

Avoid dead-end answers such as "I'm fine." Everyone can write that he or she is "all right". Answer so that at the same time tell your interlocutor a little more about yourself, for example, like this: "I'm fine! My friend and I rented a house in the mountains today. It was very cool and very scary" or "My dance group just won the competition. I'm so happy about that! "

Mention the things you are interested in, but avoid bragging rights. Learn about possible common interests. This is the classic, proven way. If you are a member of the same club, then you can ask about an upcoming club event. This will help break the ice in the most natural way possible and open the way for deeper communication. Be careful with pick-up tricks. A pickup has two sides: it can attract the attention of some, but at the same time alienate others. Pickup tricks can be perceived as manipulative attempts, especially if your behavior is at odds with what you really are. Try to stay real, but still use pick-up tricks, and then you will succeed!

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