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How to make international friends


If you are going to stay in a particular country for longer than 2 weeks, why not immerse yourself in the culture by taking a foreign language course? You will be able to learn phrases that will help you in communication, and classmates will be great companions in exploring the city.

Perhaps you are so fond of pizza that you are ready not only to eat it for hours, but also to cook, or maybe you are so absorbed in cinema that you are ready to take courses on Mondays, Wednesdays and even Fridays! Whichever activity you choose, you will always have the opportunity to make new friends there.

If you have breakfast in the same cafe, spend the evening in the same bar, then you will surely notice the same loners like you. Of course, always listen to what your intuition says, but if it is silent, feel free to approach them and start a conversation. There are no such people? Nothing prevents you from finding a common language with the service staff - bartenders or waiters. As a rule, they are always ready to keep up the conversation.

With the help of the Internet, friends can be found all over the world. The development of the Internet makes it possible to significantly expand the sphere of communication. Many people leave to live or study abroad, travel. Even without meeting in person, you can always be aware of what is happening in the family of a friend or relative, and exchange photos, videos, and letters.

Here at Hablario you can easily make new friends. Just write to the person and strike up a conversation and we are sure you will have foreign friends.

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