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seeing an unworthy attitude towards myself, I throw a match and leave without even throwing a thought in my head to turn around to see how it burns, something that is completely not interesting to me. I know that the first and most important thing is myself. It doesn’t matter to me what and who says and thinks about me, these are their problems and I’m not going to poke around in other people’s thoughts. If I want, I will sing. If I want to eat at 12 at night, I will open the refrigerator and eat what I like! If I want to wear jeans today, I will wear them and I don’t care that today is my day at the stage of the most serious negotiations. I just allow myself to be myself without locking myself in frames to please you. Mine will always be mine, and the public has long become uninteresting to me. I prefer a couple of people next to whom I will always be myself and on my own wave. My rule is simply, don't wear a mask on a face that doesn't fit you at all.