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Don't try to be like someone else. Don't make yourself perfect if you're not. Don't break yourself for others. Don't be afraid to sound funny, weird, or a little crazy. Do not be afraid to admit that, like a child, you believe in miracles and fairy tales. Realize your dreams, even if they seem delusional and crazy. Listen to your heart more often, but do not forget about common sense. Don't let people control you and decide who you are. Only you have the right to decide how you live, what to do. Appreciate those with whom you can be real, without masks. Do not try to be what your parents, friends, relatives want you to see. Love yourself the way you are. Being yourself is about harmony, happiness, freedom. About independence from other people's opinions, stupid assessments and patterns. More often listen to your inner "I" and let it want something wrong, maybe to some extent awkward for others, not for you. Being yourself is scary, but you need to overcome fear, otherwise you risk losing yourself, remaining forever in the captivity of someone else's opinion.