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Bad day, blockage at work, not glued at home. And envy and malice are everywhere. You slide down the wall and start to sob, quietly whispering "I can't do this anymore." It seems that the forces are no longer either physical or moral. You still sit on the floor and cry out all the heaviness of your soul and it becomes easier. After crying enough, you understand that, like, the forces have appeared. Yes, she is alive and well. All is well with relatives. It's just a bad day, but it's just a day, not a lifetime. Yes, and you need to stay out of spite of envious people and spiteful critics. And it was necessary to cry and there was no need to be shy and consider that this was a manifestation of weakness. It's just that everyone has a limit and there is an end to this limit. So, at the end of the limit, the forces leave and you need to do a reboot. Everyone has her own. Someone with friends runs away to the club and dances until the morning, someone finds his reboot in conversations with a friend. And someone just slides down the wall when they go home and sobs. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. But then it becomes easier, and forces, which, it seems, did not exist, come from nowhere. The main thing to remember is that the black stripe is followed by the white one. And after sunset there is always dawn.