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Penguins are the most recognizable and beloved birds of the entire planet. Thousands of books have been written about them and many films have been shot: from touching cartoons to serious documentaries. From childhood, everyone is familiar with the elegant black and white coats of penguins, their clumsy gait and funny little wings, which they use only to maintain balance. For many, they are strongly associated with Antarctica and the South Pole - and this is true, because it is there that the largest number of individuals live, the number of which is measured in millions. Where do penguins live? In fact, you can see penguins in their natural habitat not only on an expedition cruise to Antarctica, but also in warmer climes - for example, the Galapagos penguin is found just a few kilometers from the equator. And his relatives are in South Africa, New Zealand and Peru. But it is during a trip to the high southern latitudes that you will meet the most different species - as many as seven. This will allow not only to tick off the “selfie with a penguin” list, but also to independently answer the eternal question “why don’t they fly after all.”