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First of all, it is worth talking about the range of services provided. While a hairdresser's shop specializes only on hair, a beauty salon is a multi-profile establishment. Not only haircuts and styling are performed here, but also all kinds of facial and body care procedures are offered. These may be massages, wraps, manicures, pedicures, piercing, tattooing, etc. The choice of services is really very broad. Accordingly, and the staff is diversified. Another difference between the hairdresser from the beauty salon is the professionalism of employees. In order to get a job at the first institution, it is sufficient to show a certificate of passing the appropriate courses. Whereas the masters of beauty salons are usually professionals with extensive experience and have received various awards. Such employees are usually called stylists. They are able not only to put the hair in order, based on the wishes of the client, but also to choose a suitable haircut, taking into account the type of face and external features. If you can drop in at the hairdresser's on your way home from work without bothering with prior calls, then the salon always comes by appointment. There is a certain advantage in this, because the client does not have to wait for his turn for a long time. It is fair to say that the prices in the hair salon are quite democratic. However, the service often leaves much to be desired. The atmosphere in the beauty salon is always more cozy and relaxing. It is present stylishly furnished reception with comfortable sofas and a coffee table, often sounds nice music. Each arriving client is met by a friendly administrator, accompanied to the master, offers him a cup of coffee. At the hairdresser's, no one really bothers to "lick" the guest due to the high flow of people. The master strives to finish working with one client as soon as possible to start serving a new visitor. Services in a beauty salon are more diverse than in a barbershop. The staff of a beauty salon can be huge: hairdressers, beauticians, makeup artists, masters of manicure and pedicure. Only hairdressers work in the hair salon. The barbershop is always accessible, can be located anywhere in the city, in homes. The beauty salon is usually located in the center. In a barbershop there is no clear division of rooms and workplaces. In a beauty salon, each room is provided for a specific type of service. A beauty salon provides standard services. The studio employs highly qualified masters who can offer you to experiment. The cost of services in a beauty salon is higher than in a barbershop. Getting into a hair salon is easier: come, cut your hair, pay. In beauty salons are often all scheduled months in advance, so come cut your hair after work does not work. The hair salon usually employs people with a certificate of completion of hairdressing courses. In the salon you can meet real professionals with a baggage of experience under their belt. Often women prefer a simple haircut or hair coloring. In America, for example, women are willing to sit in beauty salons for hours, and after basic procedures go to a massage or a facial mask. It is also a matter of the cost of services.