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By types of digital technology, we mean a list of all the leading directions, from development to end use. The main technology with which digital information is based is called the Internet of Things. As you know, almost all devices that are used in everyday life are powered by the electric grid and it has become quite a common thing. Every day there are more and more different items and devices that surround us that have access to the internet. All this gives us the opportunity to collect the information we need, in addition to remotely control some devices. In general, we can consider that the Internet has a virtual counterpart of the device, which contains a variety of its parameters and characteristics, which subsequently will allow to control a physical object through the Internet network. As an example of the Internet of Things, you can take a movie projector in a theater. It is able to notify the necessary technical support service about the occurrence of failures and malfunctions, as well as provide a list of necessary spare parts that are needed to fix the problem. In the future development of the Internet of things, may be the exchange of information between things, which will open the way to the automation of processes in repair, delivery and other important areas of the economy. It is necessary to solve a number of problems, such as the minimum use of energy, electronic devices, the creation of new types of communications, which will allow the process of exchange of information between things. But each time our world is rapidly sinking into a digitized environment. Today, for the majority of people digital Internet technology is on the fantastic level of representation and in the near future, for the equipment of the houses, cars, will be established communication through the network of the Internet, through software agents. This kind of communication, will provide an opportunity to take care of household needs such as heat, water, gas, light, sending cars for inspection, etc. The Internet of Things, not so long ago was only a conceptual idea, but today begins to increasingly implement the reality of the possibilities, among which you can see the smart home appliances, cars, houses.