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This architectural type has appeared on the yacht market for a long time: the designers have persistently sought an opportunity to combine the advantages of both classes, keeping both the opening hatch above the saloon and the open helm station. In the early stages, this type was considered a compromise: the flybridge turned out to be small and strongly shifted aft, which is why it acquired the name "sportbridge", and a small hatch only opened above the helm. Since then, compromises have diminished, and smart solutions have arrived, and the S-class has become completely independent from a "hybrid". Today, many shipyards are already building models of this architecture, but those who started earlier have advantages ... Among the main qualities of a successful yacht is the balance of closed spaces and open decks. On the lower deck there are four cabins, three of which are VIP with double beds ( if desired, separate berths are also possible). In the master suite, from side to side, the bathroom and dressing room are placed between the cabin and the engine compartment, which improves the already excellent sound insulation. The decoration has a fantastic variety of colors and textures, but you start to notice this only after spending some time in the room. Everything is so masterfully selected that the perception is not overloaded, but a feeling of the completeness of the picture is created. The lines of furniture are radically simple only at first glance: in reality, behind smooth curves, inserts and decorative cuts there are long hours of handmade work. The integral components of luxury are light and sound. There is a lot of natural light in all cabins, not to mention the salon with large-scale glazing around the perimeter. Artificial lighting is the result of a long-term work of the team with specialists in this field: there are several modes for each room, while not a single light source hits the eyes. And luxurious sound is provided by the Naim Sound System as standard.