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The ability to enter virtual reality is still limited to VR games, but soon users will be able to travel and attend virtual events online. This will require a new specialist, a virtual reality designer, who will create virtual worlds. A VR architect represents a kind of symbiosis between a programmer and a designer, who understands the individual needs of clients. So far, this is a new profession, which means that the niche is empty and requires creative and ambitious designers. You should study now, and those who have a basic IT education have a better chance of getting an internship in a company that develops virtual products. Before we understand who a virtual worlds designer is, let's talk about VR design. VR design is the creation of a simulated (virtual) world that people can immerse themselves in using VR glasses and other devices. A virtual reality designer is a professional who uses virtual reality to simulate the interaction of the user and complex objects or services with each other and with the user. Among the pluses of this profession are the high salary and demand. Another advantage is that it is a great job for creative people. But the minus can be considered a non-standardized work schedule. Currently, there are very few institutions that are able to produce VR specialists. That is why game companies, movie studios or film studios are willing to hire and train specialists from scratch. Among the personal qualities in a VR-architect, a rich imagination and creativity, the ability to visualize, education in IT and psychology, flexibility of thought, responsibility and self-organization are highly valued. When considering professional skills, a virtual worlds designer should excel at: Use 3D tools; know the basics of design; coordinate tasks; carry out research of users' needs; develop technical specifications; calculate the cost of the task; offer his own variants of achieving the task from the client. Virtual reality is a young technology that requires new specialists. So developers have every chance to make a name for themselves in AR and VR. It's only worth starting, for example, with video courses, an online book, or daily assignments in one training platform or another. There are plenty of resources with knowledge, so it is better not to lose the opportunity to become a cool expert in the field of VR design and get a decent pay for their work.