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Most modern applications for mobile devices are aimed at psychological rapid tests and subsequent consultations with psychologists.

Such applications can give a theory, get to know yourself better, understand what your temperament is, and in similar applications and services you will see the general setups of a particular personality.

In terms of education and knowledge of basic psychological principles, this is a good option to improve your knowledge. However, on their own, without resorting to paid services of psychologists, only a few people get to know themselves and be mentally healthy.

Exercising helps people to be happier. Sports apps are another type of mental health app. Exercise regularly and you'll be healthier, more productive, more stress-resistant, and happier.

It is very important to socialize with other people and get communication, throw out emotions and not keep everything inside yourself. For mental health, you need communication, which you can easily get on the Hablario service.

Here you can tell strangers whatever you want and you will be heard. Ask a question, get an answer, get support and hear an opinion about a particular situation.

The more you communicate with people, the less time you have left to think about your problems.

Isolation helps few people cope with emotional distress.