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Everybody moves to a "remote location". During a pandemic, it is safer to meet with friends exclusively online. Services for online conferences allow you to celebrate your birthday, and just not boring to spend an evening in isolation.

Here's how to organize and what to play during an online party.

The most popular online conferencing software is Zoom. It's easy to use and packed with useful features: screen sharing, collaboration rooms, group chats to exchange text, images and audio. The disadvantage of the free version is that a communication session lasts only 40 minutes, then you need to reconnect.

Ideally, all conference participants should have headphones, otherwise the hum and echo will spoil all the pleasure of the meeting.

One of the participants can be assigned the role of DJ - let him create a playlist of the party. Or hold a musical game "Guess the meeting participant by your favorite song"!

Trust one of the participants to be a moderator. If the conference is for more than 5 people, someone will always come in handy to keep an eye on the online order.

Karaoke. Do not be afraid of a conflict with neighbors - it is in a club or restaurant that the participants usually sing at the breaking point. At home, next to a laptop, you can sing quietly, everyone will hear you. At the same time, master semitones and complex vocal techniques - it is just better to work them out not in full voice.

Crocodile. A timeless game that fits perfectly into online reality. One participant makes another word or phrase, the other, using acting, shows it without words. The rest of the participants guess what he is portraying.

Guess from the picture. An analogue of "Crocodile", only not words, but phrases are guessed. The participant, having received the task, shares the screen of his laptop for others, opens any graphic editor there and tries to portray his conceived.

Guess the melody. "Backing tracks" of melodies are easy to find on the net. For a video conference, the game can be easily adapted as follows: as soon as one participant guessed the melody, he raises his hand. The music stops and he calls out the answer. If he's wrong, the music continues. For each guessed melody, the participant receives a point. You can rank tours by difficulty level!

Quiz. Online, you can participate in an already organized quiz - many sites are now playing games online. Or you can organize a quiz for your friends yourself. There are ready-made question packages on the Internet. It is even more interesting to come up with them yourself - for example, about some things and events familiar to the party participants. You can also show puzzles on the screen, for example, movie plots encrypted in emoji.

Culinary duel. Why not do it online? Have one participant cook their favorite dish on the air, while the others repeat after it. Then all together try what happened - almost a joint dinner! It's a pity, but online can't compare who did the best, but this is the case when the main thing is not victory, but a joint pastime.

Challenge. One conference participant does something unique, difficult or strange and invites others to repeat it. Squeeze out 60 times, pour a bucket of cold water over yourself, or eat 10 cookies in 30 seconds. The more sophisticated the tasks, the more fun!