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Here are some examples of how to strike up a conversation with a stranger and have a pleasant conversation:

Skip small talk. Avoid boring topics. Every situation is unique, so you should be able to find a unique way to strike up a conversation.

Ask their opinion. Everyone has their own opinion! For those you don't know well, start with light subjects like food, music, atmosphere, and so on. “Do you like Margarita with or without salt? Do you watch horror movies? How do you like this song? " It's probably best to stay away from really sensitive topics like politics if you don't know the person well enough yet. Ask for their advice or guidance. This method works great when you comment on someone's look or accessory like, “What a great tie! Where did you buy it? " or, commenting on the food, in the style: “Looks delicious. What do you have? "

Ask them a question that is easy to answer. It's great when you know or find out that a person has experience in a certain area. For example, if you are talking to an IT professional at your company, you can ask him if he is in the hardware field or specializes in software. But avoid asking anyone to explain anything overly complicated or involved; if that's what the conversation is leading to, great, but asking a really tough question right off the bat can make you seem overly demanding.

Comment on the environment. No matter where you are, there are things you can comment on: music, food, lights, guests, and so on. Even if you are stuck in an elevator with someone, you can comment on the music, speed, crush and so on.

Find out the latest news. If you are new to the person, or only know him by his reputation, ask him to share news related to his work, for example: “Oh Mary, you mentioned that you went to swing lessons. Did you like it?".

Ask about children, pets, or hobbies. People love to talk about things that are important to them. If you know that your boss is keen on sailing, then by asking him about his last vacation, you can surely get him to talk.