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Here are more than 50 best topics to talk about with friends during quarantine. Questions to become better acquainted and build a deeper relationship.

1. Would you rather have music removed from your life or movies?

2. Would you rather be with someone who is picky about their food or who will not talk about their feelings?

3. Would you prefer to have takeout every day for five months or have homemade food?

4. What do you prefer: brewed or instant coffee?

5. Which would you rather watch on Netflix or spend the day playing video games?

6. Would you rather face your fears or run away from them?

7. Would you rather spend 24 hours in a dark room or be stuck on top of a Ferris wheel?

8. Would you rather stay on a voice call with someone all night, stay on a video call or not even talk to someone?

9. Would you rather learn another language or acquire a new skill?

10. Would you rather play board games or do something outside the home?

11. If you are at a party with strangers, would you rather start a conversation or ask people to come closer to you?

12. Would you rather cook for your partner or let him cook for you?

13. Would you rather stock up on canned food or chips?

14. Would you rather be beautiful but not so smart, or incredibly smart but unattractive?

15. Would you prefer Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

16. Would you rather live without water or food?

17. Would you rather live in a place where it is always cold or in a place where it is always hot?

18. Would you rather drink only coffee or energy drinks?

19. If you could, would you rather time travel to the future or the past?

20. Would you rather win the lottery or become immortal?

21. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?

22. Would you rather have Superman or Cyborg powers?

23. Would you rather wear a long cape or not wear one?

24. Would you rather wear an eye mask or full headgear to protect your identity?

25. Would you prefer a superhero costume to be colorful or solid?

26. Would you prefer to sharpen your hearing or smell?

27. Which would you prefer: super strength or super speed?

28. Would you rather have a secret identity or be known as a superhero?

29. Would you rather be Batman or Iron Man?

30. Would you rather be a mutant or an alien?

31. Would you rather be an Olympian god or part of the Justice League / Avengers?

32. Would you rather live in the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe?

33. Would you rather eat only European or Asian food for the rest of your life?

34. Would you prefer pasta or rice dishes?

35. Would you rather be carnivore or herbivore?

36. Would you rather cook all meals throughout the week, or cook every day?

37. Would you rather have a 4-course dinner in a trendy restaurant or a picnic in the park?

38. Would you prefer wine or spirits?

39. Would you rather eat only fish or white meat?

40. Would you rather have disposable cutlery or always have twice as many dishes for washing as what you actually used?

41. Would you rather have gourmet meals every day or good canned dinners?

42. Would you rather eat three cloves of raw garlic or a whole raw onion?

43. Would you rather give up cheese or chocolate?

44. Would you rather have dessert for breakfast every day or have breakfast for dinner?

45. Would you prefer to add chocolate or peanut butter to all meals?

46. ​​Would you rather give up cake in your life or cookies?

47. Would you rather eat only white chocolate or dark chocolate?

48. Would you rather enroll in a meal plan or cooking class?

49. Would you prefer a chocolate stain on a white shirt or a blood stain?

50. Would you rather give up coffee or soda for the rest of your life?