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Where does a good conversation start? For a good reason. If there is no reason, then you have to build a conversation yourself. To do this, you need to skillfully ask questions. Not like "How do you like the new Mercedes?" If you want a deep, interesting conversation, then ask the right questions.

Many questions can have many opinions, and everyone has the right to defend their point of view. This conversation becomes hot and interesting. Each member of the company can take part in it and express their opinion.

What are controversial topics to talk about with friends? There are some ideas about it:

1. Should all people have the right to own guns?

2. The death penalty should be abolished?

3. Human cloning should be legalized?

4. Animal testing should be banned?

5. What qualities are needed for a perfect relationship?

6. How do hobbies and interests characterize us?

7. What is beauty in your understanding?

8. What do you think is beautiful?

9. What is more important than talent or hard work in life?

10. Is it necessary to take risks in life and how justified is it?

11. What obscene and dirty things are still worth doing?

12. What does your favorite music say about us and how does it characterize us?

13. Better plan or improvisation?

14. What can you do for a dream?

15. Do dreams have to be real or fantastically crazy?

16. What is the best motivation for you? What can you advise?

17. Is non-reciprocal love a waste of time?

18. Is it worth fighting to win someone?

19. Do you need to commit madness in life and what you want?

20. Technology binds us more or isolates us more?

21. For how much money can a person sell his time? Body? Principles?

22. How does having a relationship, love and intimacy affect the rest of our lives?

23. What values ​​and beliefs are important to form?

24. Do you need to manipulate other people in some cases?

25. How important is it to have goals in life?