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Treating small talk like something meaningless, we assure you, is definitely a mistake. Believe it or not, mastering this art can bring you not only personal, but also professional benefits. Small talk is a way to start a conversation. Small talk is a way to establish contact with new acquaintances, potential partners, and colleagues.

You may not like small talk, you may not be good at small talk, but once you try, you will surely find that it is an effective and rewarding way to develop and expand your connections.

Some always-on topics of conversation are weather, movies, culture, books, and much more.

Why is small talk important?

Just try to remember and reflect. How did you make unfamiliar relationships familiar? Small talk may be the answer. Constructive use of small talk can make your daily life more successful and easier. You never know who you will meet next.

Small talk makes you smarter. According to many experts, such conversations increase a person's ability to solve problems. Few social interactions can induce people to think differently, to look at a problem from a different perspective, or to come up with a different solution.

Small talk is spontaneous. The best thing about these conversations is that you never know where they will lead, and another great thing is that they don't come with any risks. Sometimes soft skills are so effective that they end up signing a successful business contract.

Small talk can open your eyes. Undoubtedly, these conversations inform you about the present, about what is happening around you. As a result, you become more attentive and pay attention to new things. Yes, you always have a smartphone in hand, but this communication can help you gain knowledge from other intelligent minds in the simplest and most obvious way.

Small talk can make you feel better. You may not be some great person, but definitely each person has some unique traits that set them apart from others. You may not even be aware of the presence of some unique skills that distinguish you from others, but they are inherent in you, of course. And small talk will help you identify them.

Tips for Mastering the Art of Small Talk: While everyone has their own unique and special ways to start a conversation with a stranger, here are some tips to help you become even more proficient at small talk.

Do not get involved in a conversation between two people talking. Better to just greet people appropriately.

Try not to worry or worry. In most cases, people are afraid to talk to new people because they are not very confident in themselves. Therefore, if you want to end the conversation on the right note, it is important that you start, support, and end the entire conversation with confidence.

Keep your smartphone away. Try not to use your phone while talking, as this can make the other person feel a lack of attention on your part.

Don't be afraid to talk about yourself. Don't forget about the main point of small talk. Obviously, you want to introduce yourself to this person. Find the right time and then provide important information about yourself that can impress and help him understand you as a person.

Remember to listen. Small talk is a two-way process that should not only be limited to conversation, but also involve active listening. Therefore, you should try to actively listen to what the other person is saying, as only then can you benefit from their knowledge and experience.