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How to learn to communicate and gain skills in conversation therapy?

Understand why you need communication therapy first. Ask yourself what exactly worries you and what you want to talk about, but perhaps you are afraid.

Communication should be interesting not only for you, but also for your interlocutor.

Therefore, you should not immediately go over all your inner feelings and impose on the listener.

Conversation therapy is the same dialogue with a friend, only in this case you put more meaning here than anyone else. Therefore, get ready to be not only a storyteller, but also an active listener, as your interlocutor will feel your sincerity and, for sure, he will also want to discuss with you what is very important for him.

For both of you to relax, start with something simple that's on the agenda. Discuss the last movie you and the other person saw, or chat about something casual.

There are no special phrases to help you start pouring out your soul. Just be honest and talk about what worries you.

If you just have a lack of communication and there are no topics that you want to condemn, then communicate as much and often as possible with your friends or strangers.

The brain produces hormones of happiness when you have interesting and pleasant conversations.

Pay 100% attention to the interlocutor, do not be distracted by your smartphone. Ask questions to the interlocutor so that he too has a say and it was interesting for him to communicate. Both of you will benefit from these conversations.