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Here are 70 best deep questions to ask your boyfriend. Want to know how to start a deep conversation with your boyfriend? These topics will help you with that:

1. Do you do what you like?

2. What do you especially like about your work?

3. What personal achievement are you proud of?

4. How often do you spend your weekend?

5. Where are you planning to spend your vacation?

6. What foreign language do you speak?

7. What does your mood depend on?

8. How do you deal with stress?

9. How do you prefer to relax?

10. What do you think is a perfect day?

11. How do you feel about such a trend as healthy lifestyle?

12. Tell us about your gastronomic preferences.

13. Is there something you depend on?

14. Are you planning for the future?

15. Is everything a foregone conclusion or in our hands?

16. What do you value in a girl especially?

17. The ideal girl - what is she like?

18. Attributes that annoy girls?

19. Do you like emancipated women?

20. Is it possible to change a person or an empty idea?

21. Name 5 qualities that characterize you.

22. Describe yourself in a few, two or three phrases.

23. Which literary / film character do you look like?

24. Tell us about your most vivid childhood experience.

25. How are you different from other guys?

26. Tell us about your closest friend.

27. What can ruin a relationship?

28. Is cheating the end of a relationship?

29. Ideal relationship - what kind?

30. How long do you think love lives?

31. Do you need to work on relationships?

32. How do you feel about male polygamy?

33. Who should have the final say?

34. What needs to be done to make our communication more comfortable?

35. What can I do regularly that would be pleasant for you?

36. What behavior of mine or my words offend you?

37. Do you have enough of my care and my attention?

38. Which of the things I do annoys you?

39. Am I restricting your freedom in anything?

40. Do you have enough personal space in a relationship?

41. Would you like to spend time alone with yourself sometimes?

42. Are you satisfied with our way of life or do you need to change something?

43. What worries you the most lately?

44. What problems can I help you with?

45. What motivates and energizes you?

46. ​​When you're stressed, how can I help you?

47. Do you do what you like?

48. What problems do you have at work?

49. What goals have you not yet achieved?

50. What is the most important goal in life?

51. How can I help you to achieve your goals?

52. If you could change something in life - what?

53. Is there something that you would like to change in yourself?

54. What would you like to change in me?

55. What is difficult for you to talk to me about?

56. What do you especially like about me?

57. What do you think unites you and me?

58. What worries you in our relationship?

59. Who do you trust the most now?

60. What do you think is the way to express love?

61. Is there something that you want to ask me, but are silent?

62. Do you have sexual fantasies that I don't know about?

63. What would you like to change in our sex life?

64. What turns you on in sex the most?

65. What is our most memorable sex?

66. How do you see us in 10, 20 years?

67. In what way do you think it is possible to deceive a person?

68. Is it possible to deceive if it is impossible to find out the truth?

69. They say that washing often is bad for the skin, what do you think about it?

70. If you became invisible for a whole day, what would you do?