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Here are 50 best deep questions to ask your girlfriend over text. Want to know how to start a deep online conversation with your girlfriend? These topics and themes will help you with that:

1. What do you do when you get bored / sad / lonely?

2. What hobby would you prefer to pursue if you were paid well for it?

3. How do you prefer to spend your evenings after a very difficult day - going out with friends or staying at home and taking time out for yourself?

4. If you were a professional athlete, what kind of sport would you like to practice?

5. Are you rather an active person who prefers movement, drive, excitement, or more calm, thoughtful, measured?

6. What would you rate the most on your birthday? Why him?

7. What kind of art would you rather go to - a music concert, a dance show, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, a movie, or somewhere else?

8. Which country is closest to you in spirit? What exactly attracts you to her? What do you know about her?

9. What is your favorite pet / wild animal? What would you call it if you had it?

10. What hobby would you like to try, but still don't have enough time or opportunities?

11. What quality of yours are you most proud of?

12. If you had the opportunity to instantly get rid of one character trait and instill in yourself a new one, what kind of qualities would they be?

13. How difficult is it to unbalance / anger / surprise / offend you?

14. Do you have bad habits (not only smoking / swearing, but, for example, the habit of crunching your fingers or gnawing on pens)? Why do you think they appeared?

15. Do you find it easier to rely on improvisation or to act according to a clear plan?

16. What can make you smile or laugh in just a couple of seconds?

17. How would you react if you found a suitcase with a million dollars? Would you be delighted, surprised, alert? What would you do with the money?

18. Can you describe yourself in just three words?

19. Do you like giving gifts or receiving more?

20. Would you like your children to have your temperament and character? What would you decide to change? Why is it so?

21. How did you meet your best friend?

22. Are there any traditions in your family that you try to stick to all the time? Would you like to create new ones? Which?

23. Are your friends similar in character to each other? Or are they completely different people? What unites you with them?

24. Could you be friends with a guy? In general, how much do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

25. Can you tell us about your family, character, habits, characteristics of those closest to you?

26. With whom in the family do you feel the closest? Why with this person?

27. What qualities must a person have so that you can become good friends with him?

28. If I had to recognize you only from the words of your acquaintances, how would they, in your opinion, introduce and describe you?

29. Does your family have any peculiarity that makes it different from other families?

30. How often in your family is it customary to say the words "I love you", "I am proud of you" or to hug, kiss each other?

31. Which family model is the most ideal for you? How many children, who is in charge of the couple, what is the level of intimacy and external expression of love?

32. Would you rather live abroad or stay in your home country? What could have influenced a change in your mind?

33. How important is it to you that your spouses have the same religion? Would you change your faith for a loved one?

34. What do you consider treason? Is it sex, kissing? Or does the person become a traitor even by flirting with another / other or thinking of him / her in more than a friendly way?

35. If your spouse fully provided for you and there was no need to work, would you give up your career?

36. An ideal couple is a union of people destined for each other by fate, or just two people who are ready to work on common problems?

37. What situations, besides betrayal and outright violence, could put an end to your relationship?

38. How much do you rely on a man to do your household chores?

39. Would you be able to date a popular guy who has a lot of female fans?

40. How would you react if your boyfriend lost his job and could not find it for several months, although he did his best to do it?

41. What character traits must your future husband or boyfriend have?

42. What disadvantages of your boyfriend could you accept?

43. How do you behave during quarrels? What causes them most often? Who do you think should be reconciled first?

44. Do you like compliments? Are you going to make them to your man? What, how often?

45. How to share household responsibilities - to create a schedule o