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Sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger than to relatives or friends. During talking therapy, a trained counsellor or therapist listens to you and helps you find your own answers to problems, without judging you. The therapist will give you time to talk, cry, shout or just think.

Discussing your problems with a friend and then transforming the way you think and act can change how your brain works. Research has shown that psychotherapy can produce the same changes in the brain as antidepressants. Indeed, in a number of cases, "talking therapy" turns out to be an equally effective method of curing deep depression.

For example, in one extremely interesting study, researchers compared the condition of 24 adults with apathy, melancholy and feelings of hopelessness - classic signs of major depression - and not receiving treatment, with the condition of 16 adults who did not have mental problems. Both groups underwent magnetic resonance imaging. No such changes were found in the control group. Ten depressed study participants were then treated with an antidepressant, while the remainder received ten sessions with a psychotherapist.

Then the brains of each of them were scanned again. As it turned out, both of them equally decreased activity in those areas of the brain where it was originally abnormally high. Interestingly, those who worked with a psychotherapist had an advantage: during the second scan, they were found to have an increase in activity in the insular zone, which is able to suppress depressive feelings.

If you feel the need for communication, you should not sit at home for days and avoid talking.

Socializing with other people is very important for maintaining a clean mind that will not be constantly distracted by disturbing thoughts. Communicate and see for yourself that after communicating with friends, your soulmate, you will feel better not only mentally, but also physically.

Each of us needs to speak out. Someone chatters about all sorts of things, and someone shares their experiences and splashes out negative energy from their body.

If you are afraid that you will be judged by your relatives or friends, you can always talk to a stranger who will not tell anyone your secrets. The Hablario service is ideal for these purposes.

People are gathered here for communication. Everyone has a need to speak out. Do not keep all your thoughts and experiences in yourself, communicate and be happy.