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Any couple needs time to get to know her and his favorite things. If you still do not know everything about your partner, there is an opportunity to do it right now:

1. Color

2. Film

3. Actor (actress)

4. Song

5. Book

6. Poem

7. Flower

8. Animal

9. Bird

10. Tree

11. Gift

12. Country

13. City

14. Singer

15. Teacher

16. Car

17. Male name

18. Female name

19. Food

20. Dessert

21. Drink

22. Body part

23. Clothes

24. Sports

25. Number

26. Television program

27. Season

28. Day of the week

29. Time of day

30. Celebration

31. Utterance

32. Dance

33. Family member

34. Perfume

35. Entertainment


36. Where were you born?

37. Where did you live as a child?

38. What was your favorite game at home and what was on the street?

39. Who did you spend most of your time with?

40. What is the most memorable childhood moment?

41. What was your biggest fear (of the dark, monsters, etc.)?

42. Whom did you dream to be as a child? Is that so now? Why?

43. What is the funniest thing that happened to you as a child?

44. What is the most embarrassing situation you have experienced as a child?

45. What are some of the most important childhood experiences that influenced you the most?

46. ​​What's your favorite mom memory?

47. What's your favorite dad memory?

48. What's your favorite class in school and why?

49. What's your favorite school subject?

50. What is your least favorite school subject?

51. What was your favorite toy?

52. Who was your best friend (girlfriend)?

53. What toy have you always wanted but never received?

54. What was your best summer vacation?

About you

55. Which animal best suits you?

56. If you had the opportunity to choose any job in the world, what would it be?

57. What would you change in the past if you had such an opportunity?

58. If you won a million dollars in the lottery, where would you spend your money?

59. Which cartoon character is closest to you and why?

60. What would you like to devote your life to?

61. If there was an opportunity right now to get rid of any habit, what would you get rid of?

62. If you had one magical ability, what would it be?

63. What three things are you most proud of in your life?

64. In what three words can you most fully describe yourself?

65. What are you most afraid of?

66. What do you do when you are sad?

67. What do you do when you feel angry or upset?

Personal beliefs and beliefs

68. Do you belong to any religion?

69. Do you believe in fate?

70. Do you believe in love at first sight?

71. What is most attracted to women (men?)

72. What is the difference for you between love and being in love?

73. Do you think it is possible to express your feelings in public? And to what extent can you? (holding hands, kissing, hugging each other ...)?

74. Do you believe in God?

75. Do you believe in an afterlife?

76. Where do you think the person came from?

77. Is there life on other planets?

78. What do you think about abortion?

79. Should children grow up to live with their parents?

80. What is your attitude towards gays and lesbians?

81. How do you feel about harems?

82. How do you feel about the age difference between a man and a woman (the difference is more than 10 years)?

83. Is only love enough for happiness? And is "paradise in a hut" possible?

84. Should a man be present at the birth of a child?

85. Can time heal love wounds?

Dreams and desires

86. What is your dream house?

87. What is your dream car?

88. The perfect vacation or weekend getaway. What are they?

89. What should be the ideal birthday?

90. What is the dream of your whole life?

91. Three traits or properties of you that you would like to improve?

92. What are the five things / things you would like to do


95. Do you prefer heat or cold? Why?

96. Are you an owl or a lark?

97. What annoys you the most?

98. Do you like cats or dogs more?

99. Do you live for today or for the future?

100. Your attitude to smoking.

101. Gossip and rumors ... like / dislike?

102. Surprises ... like / dislike?

103. Quiet and calm places ... like / dislike?

104. Noisy places ... like / dislike?

105. Ambitions ... like / dislike?

106. Rivalry ... like / dislike?