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In a huge world with an almost 8 billion population, in which we only hear about how different we are, there are a number of important things that unite us, and one of them is food. Food unites us all. We need it all, survive and receive joy from it.

For that matter, food is a part of ourselves. This is part of our traditions and cultures. Hundreds of TV shows, movies and podcasts revolve around food, and cookbooks are always among the bestsellers. Food even determines how we interact with others. Gourmets are constantly and without wasting time sharing recipes and their own culinary experiences.

Who hasn't posted photos of their favorite food on social media? Food is all around us.

You can communicate on any topic, including food. Having touched on this topic, you can talk all evening, because there is so much to discuss.

For example, dishes, individual products, their combination or not combination with other products. Where and how they were grown, what history, national cuisine and much more.

What are the food topics to talk about? There are some ideas about it:

What unhealthy food do you love?

What is the future of food in your country?

What country food do you love?

Do you prefer to eat unhealthy or healthy food?

How would you describe your country's food?

Do you eat a healthy diet?

What kinds of food can you cook?