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The main differences are that compared to text messaging, voice chats are more nuanced, more sophisticated, and more intimate because voice carries so much more emotion than text can convey.

Undoubtedly, in colloquial speech, you can clearly express your emotions: joy, anger, bewilderment, surprise.

No matter how you interpret your words in the text, they may not be perceived correctly by your interlocutor.

Also, voice chat will help you save time and discuss much more than just text.

By communicating via voice chat, you get more emotions from your conversations. For some, it will even help develop their communication skills, overcome the fear of telephone conversations, and even get rid of stuttering.

Hablario provides such an opportunity. All you need to do is to record a message on the recorder, then go to the chat with the interlocutor and click on a paper clip. There you need to press Select Voice - and then select the recorded voice message.

Try it and you will be amazed at the results. Your correspondence will sparkle with bright colors, and you and your friend will receive new emotions.

It is especially pleasant to use this function with the person with whom you have been in contact for a while.

Just imagine how surprised your interlocutor will be when you sing a song, play a guitar, recite a verse, or perhaps declare your love in a voice chat. It is definitely worth experiencing these emotions.